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Company Overview


LAB TIME Co., Ltd.
  • We go beyond the value of cosmetics, creating the best value for healthy beauty of human beings living in the present.
  • We provide beauty solution through research and development of skin care, make-up, and personal care products.
  • We operate in communicative development and manufacturing system based on labs.
- In sports, close lap time measurements are of paramount importance, just as athletes need to build strength during competition and training for the best record.
- The idea of LAB TIME comes from the importance of LAP TIME in sports, to fulfill the desire of true beauty accompanied by the customer.
  With a firm expertise through a consistent research and development and endless challenge,
     we seek mutual growth as a partner in beauty market.
  With fast response, delicate service and differentiated process, we seek mutual growth as a valuable partner for customers.
  We seek mutual growth as a partner putting efforts and investing for needs solution of mankind who seek beauty.
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