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The purism
Inspired by 'Purisme', the well-ordered, constructed painting, 'The Purism' is the brand devoted to the basic of skincare to articulate pure, clean cosmetics.

  • Dandelion Prebiome™

It is a complex of Lactobacillus fermented lysate and Western dandelion leaf extract, which improves the skin microbiome balance to strengthen the skin barrier and help normalize the skin condition.

[Patent No. 10-2121006]


Patented ingredient for skin irritation relief, regeneration and wound hilling

[Patent No. 10-1127156] [Patent No. 10-1768870]



The purism Dandelion Prebiome Soothing Toner  5.07 fl. oz.

Skin-soothing toner infused with Dandelion Prebiome and Vincetoxicum Atratum Extract which are patented ingredients to gently relieve and moisturize sensitive skin losing its balance

The purism Dandelion Prebiome Concentrated Ampoule  1.01 fl. oz.

Intensive skincare ampoule that contains highly-concentrated Dandelion Prebiome, Cera-liposome and Hyaluronic Acid Complex to build moisture layer and skin barrier for your delicate, sensitive skin to activate skin’s natural power

Multi Function(Whitening, Anti-Wrinkling)

The purism Dandelion Prebiome Balancing Emulsion  5.07 fl. oz.

Moisturizing emulsion instilled with Dandelion Prebiome and Real Aloe Vera that is extracted from a whole, entire leaf of aloe to strengthen skin barrier, instantly hydrate and nourish while restoring skin balance 

The purism Dandelion Prebiome  Barrier Cream  1.69 fl. oz.

By stabilizing Dandelion Prebiome, Cera-liposome and Fucose-derivatives into multi-barrier structured multilamellar to maximize skin barrier-protective effect, this moisturizing cream makes your skin super hydrated and firm

Multi Function(Whitening, Anti-Wrinkling)

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